8 thoughts on “In Appreciation of Ane Axford

  1. This was powerful stuff for me. You have a way of writing and describing being a sensitive person just as I would. Especially loved this:

    “I think that trying not to fail is the antithesis of creativity”

    Wow, isn’t that the truth?

    I am off to read up on Ane!


  2. What an eloquent posting! Thanks for this. I’ll follow up in the links you provided with pleasure. There is a whole tribe of folks who see sensitivity (and any other talent/capacity) as part of the self to embrace. Check out the wackiness that is “Access Consciousness.” Some of the tools have proven quite helpful to me. I heard a few practioners speak on various personal development telesummits and benefitted from it. Going that route gets you a plethora of teachers/perspectives on how to apply their methodology, whereas going into it all via the main website I found a bit overwhelming. You may want to Google a bit…. telesummits, Access, the name Dain Heer, check out the names of speakers on the Illusion to Illumination summit hosted by Nilofer Safdar (it’s a bit much for newbies but give it a go!). It’s quite a novel way of seeing the world/yourself that they offer; not all of it might sit well but what sticks for you could be precious.


    1. Hi Kaylu — your post inspired me to think more on this topic. Your post had so many interesting points that I think I may write about it further in a future post. Thanks for letting me know about it.


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