Sensitive: The Untold Story Has Premiered

If you didn’t know already, Sensitive: The Untold Story premiered Thursday night and was available to be streamed for a fee of $20. I suspected the movie might not appeal to me and I’m not going to pay $20 for something I’m not excited about but I was curious. Luckily, a HSP I follow, Nicola, paid the fee and tweeted while watching it. Here are a few of her tweets about the movie:

I have searched the internet for more takes on the movie and I haven’t been able to find much besides a few comments on the Sensitive: The Untold Story Facebook page. The movie is available to stream until 9:30 pm PST on September 13. Go here for more information.

If you’re still on the fence about checking it out, read the rest of Nicola’s tweets here or check out the hashtag #sensitivemovie on Twitter.

The only part of the movie I’ve seen that made me want to check it out were the clips of the interview Elaine Aron did with Alanis Morissette in the trailer for the movie and the clip on Alanis’s Facebook page.

I had a conversation with Nicola after her live-tweet and I decided after that I didn’t need to watch the movie right away. I got the sense from her that it was probably interesting, informative for those unfamiliar with the trait, and well done, but not an urgent watch and not made for me.

If you do watch it, let me know what you think. If you’ve read someone else’s review of it, please leave a link in the comments.


11 thoughts on “Sensitive: The Untold Story Has Premiered

  1. Hello Melene,

    I would guess that for you the scenery is changing to often so it could be that you would be in overstimulation quite a lot!

    So for my as High-Sensation-Seeker the movie was really good because it strives through all possible aspects where HS plays a role. Also the different sceneries the film is showing are awesome – a lot of nature, very different people, many aspects and so on…
    Also interesting was that they have shown 2 scenes from HSPs in their daily life on how drowny an HSP can get after a basketball match or why a boy should be like a man in school an do sports with all the others… So for me it was really worth to watch it.

    The topic differential susceptibility Nicola also has already mentioned – this was a new thing for me.

    A sentence from Alanis Morissette will always be in my mind: “People wanna the outcome of my trait, but not my trait.”

    Furthermore they announced that the next movie they will make is one about parents having HSCs (highly-sensitive children).

    By the way: I have seen the movie with my dear friends, just have a look at the pictures 😉

    Take care and kind regards,


    1. I’m not sure what you mean by this “I would guess that for you the scenery is changing to often so it could be that you would be in overstimulation quite a lot!”?

      Thank you for giving me your take on the movie. I loved those pictures of your friends!

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      1. With that I mean that there are pictures after pictures, not as in the Giants video where a picture is on the screen for at least half a minute, in the video the sceneries are changing quite fast. So very often you have to adapt to the new scenery (from San Francisco to New York to Europe….) that it could be confusing for some…

        Oh, thanks – I will tell them 😉


      2. Then it could be that you like it. As you already said you would not benefit from new information so much because you are already in this HS world for already a long time. But I think that it is worth to see it because all the different sceneries of countries, people, research institutes and animals where very impressive. I am really glad that I watched it.


  2. I paid the fee to watch this ($30 cdn once fees and currency exchange accounted for) and it was totally worth it. I felt connected, empowered, and validated. I’ve been aware I’m an HSP for awhile but actively engaged in learning more since my 4 year old’s sensitivities have caused struggles as she slowly gets used to being outside the home more in school etc. As I help her I heal so much of my past. The movie was timely and informative and helped me realize all the active research around the world into this trait. I’m excited for its DVD release to share with more people, and their upcoming work on parenting HSPs.


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