Love thy enemy, “noise.”

I haven’t been writing much lately, but I have been thinking about writing. Does that count? (No).This week for the 10 000th time I was awakened by a loud noise coming from a vehicle outside my window at 6 am. For the 10 000th time, I started ranting about it, annoyed because I can’t understand noise. That’s right, I can’t understand making noise at 6 am. I wrote about being annoyed and being sick of being annoyed by noise in my morning pages and I remembered something Rachael, of the Aging Introvert blog, wrote about the futility of wanting people to shut up and about finding silence in her post “Love Thy Enemy, Noise”:

“I would like to live in absolute silence. But the only way I can do this is to take it inside. My silence needs to be deep and absolute. It has to have a purpose, a reason for existing that encompasses, embraces and accepts its opposite. To simply fight noise is futile. To fight other people is futile.

I need to build my own world that is inpenetrable and inviolate.”

Love that. I want to build an impenetrable and inviolate inner world. Rachael has a lot of insight on a lot of things introverts and sensitive people might relate to and I’m grateful for her blog. Check out the rest of her post.


2 thoughts on “Love thy enemy, “noise.”

  1. I understand. I hate the noise of vacuum cleaners, ppl who talk too loudly, music that is too loud,and so on.I am INFJ, and very sensitive. I will check out Rachel’s blog. It sounds very interesting.

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