INFJ Feels Guilty About Liking Themselves

Someone found my blog by Googling “INFJ feel guilty for liking myself”.

So many thoughts about INFJs and personality types, about guilt, and about liking yourself. So many thoughts about all three things together and who would Google this and why. But, I’m going to keep it brief like some jerk suggested I do in a comment.

Do you think Beyoncé:

  1. Knows or cares what her personality type is?
  2. Feels guilty about liking herself? Feels guilty about anything?
  3. Considers her high self-esteem such a problem that she goes to Google for answers?

The answer to all three is very likely Hell. No. She’s too busy capitalizing on her belief in herself.

We should all take her lead.

I am curious if she uses Google and what her search history looks like though. I’m going to Google it.

Enjoy this photo of Beyoncé and enjoy yourselves without guilt.


4 thoughts on “INFJ Feels Guilty About Liking Themselves

  1. I actually like reading longer posts, especially your longer posts. Always remember that there is a critic in every crowd, and let’s remember….who cares!!! Be yourself, and be as happy as possible. There will always be someone who says that INFJs are too this and too that. Well, I say I am fine being an INFJ, and that is my opinion. To heck with the critics, especially those who say something mean spirited, and then claim that they were only *joking*. That is a cunning way to sneak in the verbal abuse, and then , surprise , surprise, blame their victim/target! Sometimes we have to just walk away from those critics and mentally press the *delete* key.


    1. Thank you Lauren. I find my longer posts don’t get read, but I actually prefer writing longer posts.
      I would love to know more about that person’s search and why they feel guilty, if that’s what’s happening. Guilt is a waste of time and like you wrote, caring what people think is a waste of time.


  2. You are so right, Melene. Guilt is such a waste of our time. It’s good to always remember that mental *delete* key, and then get on with something creative and nourishing like sketching or painting or reading. Speaking of reading, I’ve just finished reading DF Wallace’s book ” A Supposedly Fun Thing, that I’ll never do again.” I think that we were both on a very, very similar cruise ship! An interesting and lighthearted look at cruise ship vacations.


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