The Movie About High Sensitivity I’ve Been Waiting For

Remember when I wrote about Elaine Aron’s trailer for her documentary Sensitive: The Untold Story? No? Well, you can read about it here and here.

 I was underwhelmed. I wrote that it was banal and didn’t reflect the HSP aesthetic at all. Yes, I think there is a HSP aesthetic. But, I suspect it wasn’t made with that in mind which is fine. Disappointing but fine.

I imagined if I was going to make a movie about HSP I would hire the best artist I could find who maybe was also highly sensitive, give him/her cash and the only instruction I’d give the artist is “make a movie about HSP that best represents who you are as a sensitive person AND more importantly as an artist.” 

On Monday, I received a newsletter email from Ane Axford with a link to a book she described as a children’s book for adults called Numinous and Voluminous. The link lead to a video of Ane reading a story about being HSP or a “subtle giant” with watercolor paintings and a simple guitar musical score as an accompaniment. 

It’s not a movie but it has the aesthetic and artistry I was looking for in my hypothetical movie about HSP. It’s beautiful. It’s luminous. What was lacking in the Sensitive: The Untold Story trailer (the documentary may be better *fingers crossed*) is in Numinous and Voluminous: the creative, spiritual, and emotional aspect of the trait. It’s simple yet profound. Childlike yet filled with wisdom. It’s about more than the science and studies and the desperation for non-HSP to understand. 

The quotes that resonated the most for me:

The more (subtle giants) tried to do the things that they should the more things they broke.

The giants often hid lots of times on purpose and sometimes not on purpose.

Giants are experts in hiding because they can be in plain sight and totally missed.

Being so tall meant they could see so much all the time and they didn’t want to see it all all the time. They just wanted to be able to get through the day.

Twice in the story, we see these concentric circles. Something about those circles moved me. I recognize those circles. As I write in my journal, I’ll usually start doodling and those doodles are usually circles. If I had a spirit geometric shape, it would be the circle. The way I operate is circular. The way I feel is circular. 


Ane’s story isn’t my story, but I understood all of it. The way to understand ourselves and each other is through stories. 

Ane recently wrote a Facebook post in response to the many posts I had written about her and to her. You can read it here. It was written to me, but there is so much there that would be enlightening and helpful to anyone. 

I wrote a draft of a post in response to her beautiful letter and it felt inadequate so I didn’t post it. My response after reading her post was to exhale and say “Thank you”. I felt seen and understood. I felt lucky. It’s so rare to have someone you admire read your work, let alone respond to it and encourage you. I felt like her post validated the intention I set for my blog which was to share things that I thought had value and to inspire people to do the same. Women are magic. Ane is magic. 

She is so challenging, challenging us to think in new ways about high sensitivity. She’s ahead of the game and people who are ahead of the game are rarely seen as the geniuses they are. I can foresee someone louder, someone better at selling ideas over having them, using and recycling Ane’s ideas and point of view and it would be shameful. 

In conclusion, I love her. 



7 thoughts on “The Movie About High Sensitivity I’ve Been Waiting For

  1. This is so beautiful !
    I’m crying of happiness and overwhelmed for such gratitude!
    Thank you thank you!
    I have to accept me and learn how to be around this place
    Thank you thank you
    Silence , I’m in silence cbevause I have no words to express myself now!!


  2. This is so touchingly beautiful.The intoxicating words, the music, the watercolours, the message, the analogy all ring with a clear and familiar truth.


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