Introducing the Hyper Hypersensitive Person

There’s a new, previously unclassified group of sensitive people who have evolved from contact with certain people and certain human experiences they’ve never been exposed to before.  These people are even more sensitive than highly sensitive people — they’re hyper hypersensitive.

The hyper hypersensitive are sensitive to people they label hypersensitive, but they’re comically unaware of how sensitive they are.  They’re so sensitive but so clueless to it it’s almost as if their sensitivity doesn’t exist.  Almost.

There are clues/signs to help you spot the hyper hypersensitive:

  • They will declare they “hate sensitive people” or label people “hypersensitive” and then proceed to list all the ways they are bothered, irritated, and affected by the hypersensitives.
  • They don’t just react.  They react to reaction.  They aren’t just offended.  They’re offended by anyone who’s offended by anything they don’t think anyone should be offended by.
  • They lack the ability to empathize with people or groups of people who have a point of view, opinion, or feeling that they don’t have or contradicts their own.
  • They are blind to all of this, are highly hypocritical, and their main emotion is anger.

The only cure for hyper hypersensitivity is EMPATHY and IMAGINATION and allowing other human beings to feel whatever they’re feeling because the hyper hyper sensitive’s feelings and desire to do and say anything they want is more important than someone else’s feelings and desire.

Still unsure if someone you know is hyper hypersensitive? Here are more ways to figure it out:

  • If you tell them how you feel in a straight forward manner and they don’t feel the same, they freak out.
  • If many people feel a certain way about something and they don’t, they freak out harder.
  • They blame political correctness or feminism for all that ails society.
  • They’re assholes.



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