Hate Yourself Better


“Hate yourself better” is an idea Ane Axford shared in a recent Facebook post.

Not “learn to love yourself” but “hate yourself better”.

Her ideas are provocative, exciting, big, challenging, and most importantly new.

A lot of people discovering or learning about high sensitivity for the first time find value in articles/lists that describe the trait and lists that offer tips for coping or surviving as a sensitive person.  Those articles aren’t enough for me.  I don’t need to be reminded to get enough sleep.  I’m an expert at getting enough down time. Even my own writing about sensitivity isn’t enough for me.

No one is offering new ways of thinking about sensitivity.  Except Ane Axford.

She’s not just offering new ways of thinking about sensitivity but suggesting that these new ways could make us leaders, and by doing so redefine what being a leader means.

I could copy parts of it here and comment on it but I don’t even know what I think about it yet except it is powerful and potentially revolutionary.

I invite you to go to the post on her Facebook page and read it and if it resonates with you like it, leave a comment, and/or share it. Support her.

Here’s the link again.  Tell me what you think.



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