You’re Emotionally Strong If You Do One Thing …

A few thoughts:

I disagree with every point made here:


I don’t take kindly to being told how to do my feeling properly.

I don’t think you can define emotionally strong people by what they don’t do.

This list isn’t motivational.  It’s guilt inducing.  I don’t think there’s a human being who fulfills this criteria.  A robot maybe.

I believe the only thing you need in order to be emotionally strong is to allow yourself to feel EVERYTHING without judgement, without should/should not.

Wait…it was created for or by a credit card company.  Okay, that makes more sense.  No wonder it gave me a gross feeling.


3 thoughts on “You’re Emotionally Strong If You Do One Thing …

  1. As I was reading this list, I was thinking ….ooooh, I guess I am NOT perfect and NOt emotionally strong, but I am human with all of my faults and foibles. That’s what makes me ME! Then I read your part about this being compiled for American Express! That explains it. Commercially force feeding us pseudo-enlightenment. Thanks American Express, but no thanks!

    Thanks Melene for exposing this one. Good work.

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