Something Kinda Lame that I Created Became Part of A Dope Art World Meme

Let me start at the very beginning:

In June of last year, I created this image for a Best Thing I Read This Week Post on Kenneth Goldsmith:



Nothing fancy, just needed an image for the post, plus I really believe in that quote.

I pretty much forgot all about it until yesterday when I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and Kenneth Goldsmith tweeted this:

Doesn’t that look like the image I created back in June?  It’s possible someone else used the same original photo (taken by C.Jones) and the same quote in the same font arranged in the same position.

So what does being “@freeze_de’d” mean?  Apparently sometime in early February, someone named “freeze_de” started a parody Instagram account skewering the art world.  If you go the Instagram account and look through some of the memes and you’re like me you won’t understand much of what is being skewered.  This article in the New York Observer provides some background on freeze_de and is right that the references (other than Goldsmith’s) are “pretty oblique”.  But it seems to be a big deal in the art world.

It’s very probable none of this is interesting to you but it’s so exciting to me.  I create those images to be shared and used…and they are.  I created something about Kenneth Goldsmith that was used by someone to skewer him and KG then shared the image that mocked him which I saw and now I’m sharing it with you.

The internet is a large and small and sometimes beautiful and strange place.


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