The Best Thing I Read This Week Is …

Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?  It’s the story of how rozchastcovercartoonist and single child Roz Chast dealt with her aging parents health issues and subsequent deaths.  Sounds like fun right?

Not to me it didn’t.  I didn’t want to read this book. People like Maria Popova and Austin Kleon recommended it and that’s usually enough for me to check a book out, but all I saw was DEATH and AGING — two things I really don’t want to think about.

But a third recommendation from Jazmine Hughes (she’s very funny) made me seek it out.  And I’m glad I did.  Chast’s illustrations, humor, and honesty made confronting the reality of things like aging and death easier.  A pleasure even.

I felt many things while reading this book.  I went from sad to tense to terrified to laughing out loud and back to sad, tense and terrified over and over again.  But, Chast always made me laugh again.  The book warmed my heart.  I saw my own crazy family in her crazy family.  Chast was as conflicted about her family as I am about mine.  That was comforting.  Did I mention laughing out loud while I was experiencing all of this?  Because it’s worth repeating.


I don’t want to sound pushy but FIND THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK IMMEDIATELY.


2 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Read This Week Is …

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. It sounds very readable and also surprisingly uplifting and humorous. I like this approach much better than the doom and gloomers. Or worse still, I have friend who has said on several occasions that he and his sister must/MUST go over to his parent’s house (when they are out) and put post-it stickers underneath the furniture that each of them wants to have (as in when the said parents are dead). To me, this sounds horrible and sickening. He was quite nonchalant about it, and I felt horrified.


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