The Absolute Value of Humans

“What if we saw people with absolute values, instead of only positives and negatives?”

I’ve never re-blogged anything before on WordPress. I’ve wanted to, but I’ve never read anything that met all 3 of my re-blogging criteria:

1. It makes me say “I wish I wrote that” after reading it.

2. It makes me say “I wish I wrote that” and it’s so perfect that I have no additional thoughts because if I did I would write a post with those thoughts and provide a link.

3. A posting day is coming up and I have no thoughts of my own to share.

This post meets the first 2 criteria and it was a life-saving discovery that covered the 3rd. I have a geeky math brain that likes things described and explained in math terms and this post uses 5th grade math to explain WHO WE ARE.

SO good.


This week I taught 5th graders about integers.  We discussed the number line they were used to, which started with zero and only had positive numbers, and then I added in negative numbers.  We practiced getting used to this number line by doing the integer dance.  It closely resembled the electric slide, but the point was to get the students used to moving positive and negative directions.  After all, number lines can be tricky.

We are taught in primary grades that zero is a starting place.  Eventually we get fluent enough in math to amend our previous thoughts about zero and the number line to include negative numbers.  So, now our number line increases to show that really, zero is the middle of a big scale with infinite integers on each side. All numbers on both sides gain their identity from the zero, or the origin.  So, you could say…

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