The Best Things I Read This Week …

I couldn’t narrow it down again this week.  First, author William Gass on why he writes:

“Why do you write?” I can reply by pointing out that it is a very dumb question. Nevertheless, there is an answer. I write because I hate. A lot. Hard. And if someone asks me the inevitable next dumb question, “Why do you write the way you do?” I must answer that I wish to make my hatred acceptable because my hatred is much of me, if not the best part. Writing is a way of making the writer acceptable to the world—every cheap, dumb, nasty thought, every despicable desire, every noble sentiment, every expensive taste. There isn’t very much satisfaction in getting the world to accept and praise you for things that the world is prepared to praise. The world is prepared to praise only shit. One wants to make sure that the complete self, with all its qualities, is not just accepted but approved … not just approved—whoopeed.

When I love something, I love it completely.  Love is a feeling that’s hard to put into words and I don’t know if I want to most of the time.  But hate?  Hate nags and comes with unsupportable thoughts that you try to support on the page. My hate is needy and wants validation.  What I’m saying is I understand Gass.

Artist Keri Smith wrote 10 rules on “How to be Miserable as an Artist or What Not To Do”, but these rules certainly apply to writers…well, every human being actually:


Visit Keri’s website here.  Thanks to Austin Kleon for the discovery.



8 thoughts on “The Best Things I Read This Week …

  1. What a fabulous post, Melene. It is so deep and so comprehensive and says what should be said, what MUST be said. Also, the list is absolutely great. Thanks to Kerri, and thanks to you, Melene. Never stop writing.


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