Sensitive New World is One Year Old

I’m going to ask and answer questions about my year in blogging:

1.  Did you think you’d still be blogging after a year?

I never thought that far ahead.  When I found out that most people start and stop blogging within a year, I knew I didn’t want to be one of those people.

2.  Describe your blogging experience in one word?


3.  How has your blog changed from the time you started until now?

At first, it was solely going to be about being a highly sensitive person.  After a few months I realized I could not write about being a HSP all the time and maintain a blog. Maintaining a blog and a writing discipline became more important than writing about high sensitivity.  I read advice that said your blog should be specific, but specific became too narrow and confining for me.

4.  Are you a better writer a year later?

Yes.  I think so.  I hope so.  It’s hard to tell.  I’m definitely a better thinker, researcher, and editor.

5.  What do you dislike most about blogging?

The ease with which I can obsess about stats.  Wordpress makes it easier than any other platform and I enjoy/hate it.  On the plus side, I learned about countries I didn’t know existed like Guernsey, Montenegro, Åland Islands, and Réunion

6.  What do you love the most about blogging?

Having written.  When I’ve finally put my ideas together and edited my post.  I also love whenever anyone clicks on the many links I provide. That is very satisfying.

7.  What advice would you give to someone starting a blog today?

Create your own posting schedule and commit to it.

8.  What has surprised you the most?

Many things have surprised me.  That any one would read my blog.  How much it’s opened up my life.  I’m interested in so many new things now that I was never interested in before like design and illustration.  Before I started blogging last year I didn’t know what Tumblr was.  Tumblr is the place I get most of my inspiration and where I’ve discovered most of the people I follow religiously now.  I wouldn’t have joined Tumblr if I didn’t start my blog on WordPress.  I wouldn’t have joined Twitter either.  I swore I would never join Twitter and some days I wonder why I did but it’s such a tremendous resource that I can’t imagine writing without it.  I follow great writers which means I read great stuff which affects my writing.  It’s essential.

Something else that surprised me is how transformative and addictive the act of sharing is.  I feel compelled to do it.  When you engage in all the spheres of creativity, it changes you.  I look at all creative endeavours — all writing, movies, TV, art — with more gratitude and humility and kindness.  Because creating stuff and putting it out there is hard.

Blogging allows you to engage in creativity in many ways. By Craighton Berman

9.  What have you learned about blogging?

I wrote a post about it.  Nothing has changed since I wrote it.  Check it out here.

10.  Who was your first follower?

Jennifer from Jennifer’s Journal. I remember when I found out she was following me a few days after I wrote my first post, I thought it must be a mistake.  It was not and she is still a follower and I am tremendously grateful for her year-long support.  Check out her blog here.

11.  What are the most popular posts of the last year?

I’m always fascinated by the fact that three of my most popular posts took me five minutes to write.  Of the five, the first one took the longest.  The Darker/Annoying one took longer than five minutes because copying and pasting takes time.  Formatting the lists took longer than writing the lists.

12.  What are your favorite posts?

  • Envy is Good.  Very few people agreed with my argument. Some guy commented I wasn’t being honest.  Who could think envy is good?  I wasn’t sure what his point was, but I don’t care.  I learned a lesson about paying attention to everything and I changed my life because of envy.
  • The Tyranny of the Majority Disturbs Me.  I was close to quitting blogging after a couple of months.  I was spending a lot of time writing and trying to publicize my blog and not much was happening.  I knew that if I didn’t start writing for myself and about things I cared about, I would probably quit blogging and probably quit writing all together.  So I wrote about what disturbed me. Whenever I feel stuck or feel like I want to quit, I think about this post.
  • Pick Up The Scissors.  This post was fun to write and one of the very few for which I didn’t write multiple drafts.  It came to me as a fully formed rant.  All I did was transcribe my angry thoughts.  I re-read it recently and thought “I agree with everything she said.  Oh wait, that was me!”
  • The Future Belongs to Those with Empathy.  I read Joan Didion’s essay On Self-Respect the year before and wanted to write something about it because it was so perfect.  I just didn’t know what.  This is what I came up with.
  • There is Nothing To Forgive.  I had been thinking about forgiveness for years. This post is the culmination of years of thought and feeling.  I stumbled upon the story of the Buddha and forgiveness while writing it.  It is a long post and hardly anyone read it, but I love it the most.

13.  Anything you’d do differently?

Start blogging sooner.  I spent a lot of time overthinking it instead of starting and figuring it out as I went along.

14.  Anyone you want to thank?

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog.  I want to thank everyone who has liked, commented, and followed.  I especially want to thank all the people who have shared my work, specifically Maria Hill of hsphealth and Brenda Knowles of Space2Live.  Their kindness really helped my blog gain readers and exposure.

I also want to thank the bloggers who nominated me for blogging awards:

Chaos Girl and the Real World

Dreamerrambling from Dreaming.  Living.  Loving

Rachel VanKoughnet


Ally from Welcome to My Little Piece of Quiet

If I forgot someone, I apologize.

I didn’t feel comfortable accepting the awards and the rules involved, but I really did appreciate the nominations and the recognition.

15.  What will the next year look like for the blog?

I don’t know.  I’m going to go from feeling to feeling to feeling…



11 thoughts on “Sensitive New World is One Year Old

  1. And here I am again! Ha ha, your first follower, how about that. Thanks for the mention, Melene. I’ve bookmarked this post for later to check out your links for anything I’ve missed. Would you mind me borrowing your template of questions for my next anniversary? 🙂


    1. Oh, I’m so glad it helped in any way. A warning about Tumblr I read recently: “Don’t use Tumblr cause you’ll be on there for about twelve hours”. It’s just a fascinating place. Thanks for the kind words and Happy Holidays to you too.


  2. Congratulations, Melene! Your blog is very insightful and a wonderful thought-provoking read! I love your blog. Congrats, again! I wish you continuing success.


    1. PS I forgot to add that I am an INFJ. Also, thanks for the heads up on Jennifer’s Journal, on all of your posts,especially the one on forgiveness. Continuing success to you, Melene.


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