A Class Syllabus For a Course For Highly Sensitive People


“Learning to Say No”

  • The first part of the course will be about learning to say “no” diplomatically.
  • The second part will be about practicing saying “no” as a complete sentence.

“Career Developmentology” or “Doing What You Want 101” (even if the risks are high)

“Advanced De-stimulation”

  • Class covers how to practice the art of doing nothing.
  • Prerequisite:  “Learning to say No”.

“A Guide to Accepting That Some Things Can’t Be Fixed”

  • Examples:  your childhood, family dynamics, society.

“Learn How to Kick-Ass”*

  • Enhance your life using your innate vision, depth, and awareness.
  • *Without any actual ass-kicking.

“When You’re Right, You’re Right:  Instruction on Going With Your Gut”

  • Includes advice on disregarding any advice given that your gut disapproves of.

“Forget Fitting In!”

  • Learn the value of belonging, even if it’s just belonging to yourself.

“A Cure for Addiction/Distraction — A Class in Creating”

  • One sentence lecture:  Go make stuff.

“How to Get People to Understand You”

  • One word lecture:  Don’t.

“Learn to Make Charts”

  • Why?  What’s life without whimsy?
  • Prerequisite:  A Class in Creating


“The Way to Success — A Courage, Kindness and Self-Care Tutorial”


Recommended Reading:  preferably a book with soft pages.

Recommended Writing:  your own course.

Cost:  free.


1.  How long is the course?  Life long.

2.  Who is the course for?  Any HSP with a sense of humor.

3.  Why did you create it?  I was bored.

4.  Why should people sign up?  They shouldn’t.  I don’t know more than any other HSP.

I can’t promise I won’t mention “charts” again.



8 thoughts on “A Class Syllabus For a Course For Highly Sensitive People

    1. Hi Keith — you’re right about saying no allowing you to set boundaries. The more I say it, the less scary it is, the more I realize I won’t die nor will the person you may be saying no to. I think saying a firm no is sometimes the most respectful thing you can do when you really don’t want to do something.


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