The Highly Sensitive Person’s Superpowers



23 thoughts on “The Highly Sensitive Person’s Superpowers

  1. Yes! Most of them yes. I actually do get lonely if I’m alone for too long, and I need to be alone if I’ve been with people for too long. And the “toughen up” bit… I don’t know. I’ve managed to do that after working for a multinational for 8 years in sales… And living in the Middle East for 15. Sometimes you have to in order to be able to survive. It’s exhausting, but you do it. (I’ve leaft my job and we’ve moved to a very peaceful country and I’ve never been happier or more at peace… So even if we can toughen up, it’s not necessarily good for us)


    1. Someone else felt the same way as you about #4 on loneliness. I’m surprised by that but it’s also interesting and the great thing about creating lists like this is learning all HSP are not the same. To be HSP is not just one concrete thing. Love it.
      On toughening up: I don’t believe that being tough is the same as being strong, you know? I found that trying to “toughen up” actually weakened me. I wrote “an inability to toughen up” which isn’t completely accurate. I can do it. But I don’t want to. As you wrote “not necessarily good for us”.
      Have you written about being in sales and being HSP? I’d like to read about it if you have.

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      1. I haven’t! Maybe I should. I was in an environment that turned me into someone I didn’t like. Although I absolutely loved me job, I didn’t realize until later how bad everything else was for me. And yeah, strength I believe is something we all have if we’ve understood and accepted ourselves. My mother was the one who pointed my strength out to me when I always viewed myself as weak. But in the environment I was in, not just as an adult but also also as a child moving from county to country and from school to school, I literally had to toughen up. I became angry, really angry, and that was not good.
        I’ll be giving this a lot of thought. This is quite an interesting discussion!


  2. So much head nodding an knowing laughter here!! Though I’m similar to the poster above about being alone. But I’m also an extrovert. It’s an interesting combination!


  3. Oh my gosh…these made my sig-other and I laugh out loud! HSP here and all of these definitely apply (probably too much so!). Thanks for writing 🙂


  4. the knowledge of who you are can be very empowering. yes, it is more difficult for me to function in modern society but I’ve found where I do fit and a mate who fits with me. If I hadn’t explored who I am then I may have never found this happiness of self acceptance.


  5. Hi, hahahahahaha this is brilliant! I love the superpowers! i`m just coming to terms with it myself but yes definetely can relate. does anyone else understand when I mention how bad drunk or angry people feel to be around?,i need to be about a kilometre away from them it feels the opposite to love, literally. great blog


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