Sensitive — The Untold Story

Elaine Aron has started a Kickstarter campaign to collect funding for a movie about highly sensitive people called “Sensitive — The Untold Story”.  Here’s the trailer:

I want to support it, but I found it oddly banal.  It reminded me of this:

by Sean McCabe

Just providing information isn’t enough.  The way the information is conveyed is just as important as the actual information.  It’s a documentary, but it’s still art.  Hopefully the movie will be better.


 (I wrote more on Sensitive — The Untold Story here.)

12 thoughts on “Sensitive — The Untold Story

  1. That’s disappointing. For a start the visuals and sound grated on me, which is probably the case for many HSP. The soundtrack and voice over just didn’t fit, in my opinion, and the information just so wishy-washy! But, to put a positive slant on it – all publicity….


    1. I guess we should be glad someone’s doing something to get the word out… I just wish it wasn’t this. And why was the middle I in the word sensitive larger than the other letters? OK, I’m just nitpicking. As you wrote GRATING.


      1. It is just so odd. We are so very sensitive about a whole host of things – OCD tendencies, noise intolerance, visual sensitivity. It just doesn’t make any sense to do a trailer that is loud and over-stimulating. A quiet commentary, perhaps with only Dr Aron speaking, would have been all I needed!


  2. I read an interesting post by Elaine Aron just now on Psychology Today in which she explains that the trailer IS too much, and that the purpose is to make attractive to the general population. After all, we need the 80% non HSPs to watch this movie and understand what high sensitivity is. I loved her post and found it makes a lot of sense. You can read it here:


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