Why Don’t People Like HSP/INFJ Women?

Someone asked me (read: someone Googled and found my blog by typing) :  “Why don’t people like hsp/infj women?”  (I edited it so it made sense.)

1.  I don’t know if that’s true.

2.  Heather Havrilesky, a.k.a. The Awl’s Polly, has a possible answer if you feel it is true:

hhadviceWhy do we hate weakness so much?  Why don’t people like HSP/INFJ women?  I think it’s the combination of the S in HSP and the F in INFJ.  Very inconvenient to many people.  People like easy and easy going.  I am very much not that.

Any possible solution?

1.  Click on the image or link above to read the rest of Polly’s advice and

2.  Be your S and F self and don’t care if anyone likes it.  Or as Polly puts it “Embrace the cryface”.




2 thoughts on “Why Don’t People Like HSP/INFJ Women?

  1. That’s funny. I saw on my search engine results page of my blog a search for “why people don’t like HSP’s and INFJ women.” I thought, hmmm, maybe because we are too authentic? I will never apologize for it.

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