The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need

The only perfect, never-fail advice is no advice.

It’s the type of non-advice Sam Brown gave on his Explodingdog blog:

Question:  What’s the best general life advice you can give?

Answer:  The best advice I can give you is no advice.

You don’t need my advice or advice from anyone else.
You already know what to do. You already know the decisions you need to make.
Advice just gets in the way of what you know you need to do.

If there was an injured turtle in the middle of the road, you might say to the friend you are walking with “Hey, do you think I should go help that turtle so it doesn’t get hit by a car?”. But, you already know you don’t want the turtle to get hit by a car. Just go save it.

The best advice anyone can (and should) give you is to TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCTS.

1.  Don’t ask.  Listen.  

Gather as much information as you can and then move in a direction.  Or consider moving in one direction over another.  Or imagine moving in a direction or making a choice.  Listen to your body for a response.

2.  It’s not a voice.  It’s a feeling.

Some people call their intuition/gut instincts their “inner voice”, but it doesn’t actually say anything.  If it does, that’s your ego yapping, which it loves to do.

My gut instinct tells me “no” with tension in my gut.  Or a twitch in my face. Sometimes I just get an “ewww” feeling.  You know that feeling you get when you eat a bad, mealy piece of fruit?  And you want to get that taste out of your mouth?  My instinctive “ewww” is saying “get that thought/image/possibility out of your mind!”

Most of my yeses are the absence of tension, a twitch, or “ewww”.  Very rarely, I’ll feel a “whoosh” of excitement or literally a burning fire of desire in my belly when considering something.

Notice tension, twitch, “ewww”, whoosh, fire in my belly… all feelings.

3.  Practice, Practice, Practice.

I figured out my nos and yeses with practice.  I would consider something inconsequential and then scan my body for any tensions or twitches, etc.  When it came time to decide whether to do something that mattered, I knew the difference between a no and yes feeling.

Trusting your gut is how you become you.  But, don’t take my word for it.





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