An Accurate Story of a HSP With Tweaks by This HSP


If you want people to understand what being highly sensitive is all about and to have fun doing it, you should share this painting, “The Story of a HSP”, by artist Eamon Reilly.  It’s comprehensive (and colorful) but I would add these tweaks:

  • Is loyal  because hasstrongbeliefs and isshakenbychanges.
  • feelsotherspain isn’t completely true for me.  It sounds like something a slimy politician would say.  I understand and I’m not made uncomfortable by the pain and suffering of others.  I let myself remember what pain is in the presence of other people’s in pain.
  • I’m religious only if art and food are religions.
  •  hasempathy is an understatement.
  • builtinurgetohelpothers  — I would replace this with “Built-in urge to advise”.  When I figure something out or see how to make things better because I’ve figured things for myself and made things better in my own life,  I want to share that information.  I don’t like to be told what I should do, but I like to tell other people what they should do.  No one listens to me and yet the urge persists.

This guy nailed it.


3 thoughts on “An Accurate Story of a HSP With Tweaks by This HSP

  1. Yes, I like to help others, but more like guide them. Working in mental health has taught me that and I am glad to be on a break from it. I like to advise or guide people but I don’t like to be needed too much and don’t like to do for people, but come along side to assist or guide only. Great post. Nails it pretty much.


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