Movies to Watch/Don’t Watch

I have a strict “Stay In” policy I’m happily forced to follow and because of this years-long policy I watch a lot of movies.  A LOT.  So I have many opinions about films that I’ve been unable to share (or rant about) … until now.  This blog has given me a platform not to just criticize or review movies, but to flat out tell you which movies are worth watching and which aren’t.

I wish someone had told me about some of these movies sooner and I also wish someone had warned me that staring at a wall would have been more entertaining than watching certain other movies.  I’m going to perform the service I wish was performed for me. You’re welcome.

By the way, I don’t recommend crap.  The quality of the “Watch” films I suggest you check out might be debatable, but they certainly aren’t a waste of time.  The “Don’t Watch” films are.

Father/Son Movies

Watch:  A  Better Life 
Don’t Watch:  It Runs in the Family

abetterlife                                                                                                             itrunsinthefamily

A Better Life is about how desperate circumstances bring together a growing apart father and son, Carlos and Luis.  It’s not a new story, but it is made new by the realistic performance of Demian Bichir as the struggling but always decent and hard working undocumented Mexican immigrant Carlos.

You’d think that a real father and son duo would realistically portray how tense the relationship can be between fathers and sons, especially when they work in the same business as Kirk and Michael Douglas do, but It Runs in the Family wastes that opportunity and wastes the talent of Kirk and Michael.  Check out Kirk in Billy Wilder’s Ace in the Hole and Michael in Solitary Man instead.

Robert De Niro/Al Pacio Movies

Watch:  Heat
Don’t Watch:  Righteous Kill



All I remember about Righteous Kill is while I was watching it I was thinking “I wish I was watching Heat right now”.  If you haven’t seen Heat, please watch it.  If you have, watch it again as I did recently.

“Aliens invade the earth” Movies



Watch:  Attack the Block
Don’t Watch:  War of the Worlds

I know you’re probably thinking  “The ‘aliens invade earth’ genre has been done to death” because I did too before I watched Attack the Block.  However, it really is a fun and original take on the genre made for a tenth of the budget of War of the Worlds, which is not only a remake but a not fun, boring, nonsensical waste of $132, 000, 000.

Foreign Films

Watch:  In a Better World
Don’t Watch:  Holy Motors



In a Better World was about something — a broken Swedish family dealing with bullying, grief, rage, and forgiveness.  Holy Motors was about… I have no idea.  It was highly praised and highly anticipated by me and now it’s completely forgettable.  All I remember is that it was too weird and I love weird.   I’ll never forget In a Better World because of the way it perfectly captured how not admitting how sad and in pain you are can have devastating consequences.  The movie itself was flawed, but the very sensitive performances saved it.

“Single Gal looks for love” Movies

Watch:  Broken English
Don’t Watch:  All the other movies in the genre


I’m writing this post because of this movie.  It’s not the movie itself that’s worth watching, but Parker Posey as the single gal.  She depicts dating the way it really is — an anxiety and cynicism- inducing, sometimes disappointing, wearying experience but she manages to remain vulnerable throughout.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.  Please check it out if you haven’t.

If there are any movies you recommend watching, share them!





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