Highly Sensitive Superhero?


Name:  Guy Smith, created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred
Alias he hates:  Mr. Sensitive
Alias he prefers:  The Orphan, Leader X-Force/X-Statix (offshoots of The X-Men)
Why he prefers the name The Orphan:  He believed his parents died in a fire when he was a boy.  It turns out that they tried to kill him for being a mutant
What kind of mutant is he?:  Skin that is spotty, purple, and easily irritable; has antennae; supersensitive to pain
Special powers, abilities, talents?:  Master martial artist with great reflexes, speed, and co-ordination; ability to paralyze opponents by striking nerve points; ability to levitate; senses vulnerability
Cool accessory:  A special suit and ointment developed by Professor Xavier to dull his senses and let him live a relatively normal life
Odd/weird fact:  Plays Russian roulette with himself
Great Quote:  “It’s no good.  Can’t feel deep enough.  The costume helps me control my sensitivity.  But most of all it stops me from hurting all the time.  But there are times when you’ve just got to hurt.”  (From X-Force Issue #119) 


I’m going to give Mr. Sensitive the Highly Sensitive Person Self-Test:

Is he “easily overwhelmed by strong sensory input?”  Yes
Does he “tend to be sensitive to pain?”  Huge yes.
Does he “seem to be aware of subtleties in the environment?”  He has a “danger sense”, so yes.
Does he “have a rich complex inner life?”  He frickin’ levitates! Yes!
Is he conscientious?  Yes.  “Guy had a high regard for human life, and he was the team’s most genuinely heroic member. When X-Force was ordered to hand over a young boy named Paco Perez to the United States government because his mutant body was a treasure chest of possible cures and medicines, Guy made the controversial decision to hide the boy safely out of the government’s reach. He decided that one life was not an acceptable sacrifice, no matter what cures could have been found by ‘strip-mining’ Paco.”  (From Wikipedia)

My assessment?  Definitely highly sensitive.

Would I want a suit that dulled my senses like the one Professor Xavier created for Guy?  I thought at first it would be cool and useful under certain circumstances.  It would allow me to experience certain things I enjoy without being overwhelmed or overstimulated, like going to concerts.  I wish there was a helmet I could put on that prevented me from thinking too deeply sometimes. Or, when I put the helmet on I could only enjoy the most superficial and simplest things like videos of cute cats and guys who perform with spoons and I could only enjoy them in the most superficial way.  With the helmet on, I could only say things like “That’s nice.”  The helmet would prevent me from thinking, “What a waste of time this is” or “Viral cat videos are proof of the dumbing down of human beings.”  I would just watch and feel nothing.

I realize though that no matter how annoying it is to overthink, overanalyze, over personalize, over everything, sometimes it works for me.  Sometimes, very rarely, it is like a superpower.  It’s like what Voltaire said,  “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Learning to thrive with high sensitivity means learning how to deal with its great responsibility. There are times when you’ve just got to hurt.



2 thoughts on “Highly Sensitive Superhero?

  1. Oh wow. I had no idea this mutant superhero existed. I’ll definitely have to check out Mike Allred’s work more closely. Considering the content of his work– I’m willing to bet he is more personable than some people who work in the industry, and that’s saying a lot, really.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way.


    1. I’m not a comic book fan but researching Mr. Sensitive kind of made one out of me. I’m not going to go so far as to buy copies of X-Force or X-Statix, but I’m really curious about what happens to Mr.Sensitive and the gang. I wish I knew more about how and why Milligan and Allred created Mr. Sensitive.

      No problem…I enjoyed your blog.


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