The best relationship I’ve had is with MMA

Given the following information about me, answer the question that follows:

Melene is highly sensitive and introverted and prefers solo activities like reading, writing, and walks alone in nature.  She lives a safe, simple, quiet life.  Melene is most likely a fan of:  herbal tea or Mixed Martial Arts?

I hate herbal tea.

I love MMA.

I spend most of my day, most of my life thinking…and thinking and analyzing (what did that guy mean by “Have a nice day?”) and feeling a lot about…everything... and thinking about all my feelings.  I obsess and I get overwhelmed.  All the time.

I get bothered by…everything.

And I think and feel and think some more about all the things that bother me.

Then, I write about all the things I feel and think which requires me to think even more.

It’s exhausting.  Reading about it probably exhausted you. (sorry)

I regularly just stare.  I stare at the wall or out the window or at a turned off TV.  My mind needs space.  No thinking allowed.

I railed against our culture’s propensity for distractions, but I’m a hypocrite.  I love being distracted.  I love any respite from the constant thinking and hypersensitivity.

That’s why I love MMA.


I remember while on one of my many walks alone in nature I asked myself  ‘why do you enjoy MMA so much?’

And I thought and thought and wrote and wrote about it and walked and thought some more and I finally realized I loved it so much because I DON’T THINK.  I DON’T FEEL.

I approach each event without expectations, wanting nothing.

I don’t watch to learn anything, even though I do.

I don’t watch to live vicariously through the fighters because I don’t care about fighting, athletics, or sports.

I watch it simply because I love it.  Not like — love.

I get to sit in front of a screen and let this very foreign world just wash over me.  I laugh, wince and I’m curious about this world.  I’m constantly surprised by what happens.

For someone who thinks a lot, being surprised is a joy.

I wrote that I’m sensitive to stimulation itself…except this fighting stuff.

I’ve seen legs and noses broken, eye pokes that resulted in retinas being detached, kicks to the groin that make even me nauseous, blood pooling on the mat from elbows and punches to the face and..

It doesn’t affect me and I’m affected by almost everything.

I’m grateful to not be affected.

This weekend one of my favorite fighters is fighting, Ben Henderson.  I like his body.  Yeah, I’m shallow.

I realized that my relationship with MMA is the best relationship I’ve ever had (so sad).

Let’s review the evidence:

1.  I love it without needing anything from it.
2.  I have no expectations.
3.  I don’t need it for validation.
4.  It makes me happy.
5.  It doesn’t make me feel bad about myself.

I recommend all women watch sports.  I know that’s unlikely to happen, but our lives can get so serious sometimes.  We try too hard to always improve, upgrade and perfect things in our lives. Not so much fun.

I envy guys their ability to enjoy silliness and meaninglessness and to have fun competing.

It’s nice to have something in my life I don’t take so seriously.

So if you’re a girl, find your equivalent of MMA because…just because!



4 thoughts on “The best relationship I’ve had is with MMA

  1. I tend to stay away from a lot of serious tv too. I don’t like girly movies, I prefer action or sci fi/fantasy. As a HSP and INFJ(I also work as a counselor), I need the mindlessness too. I do like Dr. Quinn reruns but otherwise, I just don’t like most tv today. I can get into male stuff. I grew up with a brother and dad into martial arts and I took self defense. I like old Bruce Lee movies and such and other maleish movies. It’s just more mindless. Besides usually the bad guy gets his butt kicked!


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