How to Develop Your Intuition


My intuition told me to write a post about intuition.

Here’s my take on how to strengthen your intuitive abilities:

1.  Acknowledge and honor the sacred gift that it is.  Your rational mind is its servant.

2.  Remember when you followed your intuition in the past and you were glad you did.  Remember when you didn’t and regretted it.

3.  Ask it a question.  Expect an answer.

4.  Be still.

5.  Pay attention.  To everything.

6.  Don’t think.  Thinking is slow.  Intuition is fast.

7.  Notice everything that enters into your awareness through all of your senses:  a song playing in the supermarket as you’re waiting in line; the title of the book the woman sitting next to you on a bus is reading; a turn of phrase you read that you can’t get out of your head like “yakkers and braggers and tweeters”; a newspaper that happens to be in front of you as you eat your eggs and coffee breakfast.

8.  Get curious about the things you notice.  Google is your friend.

9.  You’ll just know when you have an answer to your question when you stop worrying about it.  You’ll just know.

10.  If the answer you receive is complicated, it’s probably not your intuition answering.

11.  Check in with your body.  Notice any changes in body sensations.  If you feel nauseated or suddenly get a headache, the answer is “no” or “don’t”.

12.  If you take action based on what your intuition tells you and it ends up being to wrong, no worries.  It was worth it.

13.  Just ask your intuition another question and start again.

14.  Be still.

15.  Pay attention to everything.

16.  Just don’t think.

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