You might be a loner if…

1.  …your favorite Christmas was not the one spent with family and friends or the one you received great gifts, but the one you spent alone binge watching episodes of old TV shows on DVD and binge eating a whole Christmas dinner by yourself.

2.  …you nod your head after reading this quotation:  “When I am by myself, I can be myself.” — Jean Culligan

3.  …you’ve gone to the movies alone.  On a Saturday night.  On the coldest night of the year.  To avoid spending time with people you don’t like.

4.  …you prefer to travel alone not to a busy metropolis, but to the middle of nowhere like to the Treehotel in Sweden where each room seems to only fit one person and you can disappear into nature.


5.  …the more is not the merrier.

6.  …you have great conversations…mostly with yourself.

7.  …some mentally ill gunman shoots up a movie theater or college campus and he is described by some commentator or news person as a “loner”, you cringe.

8.  …you have one friend.  Or less.  But, that person is your favorite person.

9.  …you feel closer to the authors of the many books you read than most of the people in your life.

10.  …you agree with this quotation about relationships:  “I want to be alone with someone else who wants to be alone.” — Dimitri Zaik. Like John and Yoko.



9 thoughts on “You might be a loner if…

  1. Great examples, I can relate to all of them. On my 60th birthday I bought a bottle of nice champagne, listened to my favorite music and danced in my living room. This is the life I chose and I have never regretted it.


  2. My favorite Christmas: I was in music grad school, loving it but exhausted at the end of the semester, went to the public library & checked out a bunch of books on history of the Southern United States and what I call my “junk reading”–mysteries, thrillers, etc.–and spent Christmas Day reading Sliver by Ira Levin then a book on the history of northern Alabama. Every once in a while I would look up at the sky through the window near where I lounged, and felt peacefully and blissfully happy. What had I told all the well-meaning friends, colleagues, & profs who had invited me to Christmas Dinner? “Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, but I already have Christmas plans.”


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