How to be a man and be sensitive starring Louis C.K. !

I wrote yesterday that I had a few ideas on how men could be more sensitive on dates or in relationships and I realized that someone had already given the perfect demonstration of the 3 attributes that make up sensitivity.

That person is comedian Louis C.K.  Watch the video of him on Conan O’Brien’s show:

Doesn’t seem like your stereotypical “Sensitive Man” but let’s take a closer look.  I wrote that sensitivity is essentially 3 things:

1.  Attentiveness

2.  Awareness and absorption of information

3.  The ability to separate the meaningful from the meaningless.

In the story he tells,  he displays all three of these qualities of sensitivity.

First, he pays attention — to his kids and their needs, to other people and their behaviour and needs, to music, to other drivers, to himself.

Secondly, he absorbs that information he picked up while paying attention.  He noticed:  technology can prevent the development of empathy; that a Bruce Springsteen song made him sad; other drivers texting to avoid being alone even for one moment despite the fact that they’re operating heavy machinery; and that he is also tempted to avoid that empty, alone feeling by seeking out anyone to chat to.

With all that information he decides to prevent his kids from having cellphones because he thinks being empathetic is more important than just being like everyone else.

And!  More importantly, he realized that letting the sadness he felt listening to the Bruce Springsteen song affect him enough that he had to pull over and actually cry (and bravely tell the audience about it) was a good thing.  In order to be happy, you have to allow yourself to be sad.

Meaningful stuff.  True stuff.

There was nothing effeminate about him.  Didn’t use the word “sensitive” once.  OK, he did cry.  But, I don’t think he’s a bitch for doing so.

The best part about it was he found the humour in it.  He made a point about our overly distracted, flattened out lives while making us laugh.

He’s brilliant.


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